Happy Mother's Day

I abandoned this LJ for a very long time, ne? I got nothing much to post I guess. If I got anything, I usually just tweeted about it.
But this post not Kame/KT related. I just feel like want to write something.

Anyway. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world.


I envy those who still has the chance to celebrate with their mothers. Not that I celebrate it before, since my late mother didn't like this kind of thing, but most of the time, I did something or bought something for her. The last gift I gave was a handmade sequin handbag because she loved these crafty thing. I bought it in Bali. She was so happy she got it. I am not sure whether she got the chance to use it because few weeks after that she passed away.

Today 12th May, is 4th anniversary she left this world to another, eternity one. I never forgot her. I miss her a lot. She is always in my prayer.

I hope I have the chance to meet you again one day.

Love you,

Happy 27th Birthday, Kamenashi Kazuya-chan

Dear Kazu-sama,

Since I first noticed you in 2007, I was hooked. Thanks to Yamapi, I watched Nobuta wo Producer. Thought I was not THAT into you yet, I started looking for another work of yours. There was where I got to Gokusen 2. Kazu-sama, I was hooked. Since that moment, you stole my heart away.

Now after 5 years plus, you still able to steal my heart. Surprisingly. This is the first time my infatuation over an idol lasted this long. What are you? What do you have that can grip and capture me.

There so many things about you that really against what I like about an artist, singer or actor. People who knows me will expect I am more into Jin instead. Yes, really. even I myself thought, what happened? Again surprise surprise..

What I like about you? Shortly, I love you determination and hard work, I love your philosophy, I love your voice when you singing and talking, I love the way your face lighted when you talked about baseball, I love your sluttiness (??), I love that how you failed at jokes. Weirdly I even love when you forgot your lyrics or dance steps.

I'll be lying if I say looks does not matter. I love your face impressions. Your pose in mags driving me crazy many many times.

Happy Birthday my precious, one and only, Kazu-sama. Wishing you many good years ahead. Bringing you more jobs that you love. Better health. Take care yourself more, Kazu-sama. I'll be sad if something happen to you.

I hope you can fine you life partner soon because I really want to see you kids.


Happy New Year!!

New year passed by. Nothing new from me?
Bad bad girl.

Already in second week but felt like just yesterday I watched fireworks from my balcony .


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ONE OK ROCK - Pierce

My keep-on-loop music lately award belongs to ONE OK ROCK. YAY!! *throwing confetti*
I love most of their songs in the new album Zankyo Reference.

My top 3 would be C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h, Re:Make and Pierce (not in order, the order keeps changing). But lately Pierce - the ballad, filled my heart. The guitar combined with Taka's voice created mesmerizing sound. (really not good in describing)


Here with you now I’m good, still miss you
I don’t know what I can do, we can’t be true

Mitasareru kotonaku futari no kyori
Chijimatteiku tabi setsunai…

Afuredashita omoi tsunoru dake de
Uh, It’s hard for me to say

‘Cuz we can see how it’s gonna end
But I got my love for you
Moshimo kono mama kimi wo wasureru koto ga dekitara

Nante omoeba omou hodo ni
Kimi wo wasureru koto nante boku ni wa dekiru hazumonakute
We always wish tonight could last forever
I can be your side

I shouldn’t be in your heart
Either the time we have spent
And I want you to know what the truth is
But sometimes it makes me feel so sick, oh no
I just can’t say to you, No I won’t

‘Cuz we can see how it’s gonna end
But I got my love for you
Moshimo kono mama kimi wo wasurete shimattara

Nido to aisu kotomonai kana?
Boku wa honto ni sore de kokoro kara shiawase to ieru kana?
Yes, we always wish tonight could last forever
I can be your side

The meaning of the lyrics? I have no idea. I'm not into the meaning because usually I've always lost in translation.

I am more to the sound of it. Sometimes only the sound of the singer.
Sometimes the melody. Sometimes the instruments. And the bonus would be the combination of all.
I dont really care even if the song is actually about frog.

Maybe will look into the meaning later when I got free time. Many many free time.

I miss her....

It’s Sunday and I have no plan. Well, by choice.

I dreamt about my mother yesterday. It left me disoriented and a bit off the whole day. I tried to shake off the feeling with going having a long lunch with my friend to a nice Japanese restaurant that I want to re-visit for a long time. It worked for awhile. That was nice dinner and we were having nice chat.

But when the night came and I was back alone in my room, the earlier emotions started coming back to me.

I tried to remember the dream but cannot. I don’t really remember seeing my mother, but I remember I felt her present. I don’t remember hearing her voice but I remember she said something. Sort of everything as ‘I-just-know’ feelings.

Time flies so fast. It’s being 1 year and 5 months already. I really miss her. Very much.

Folks.. appreciate your parents while you still can. Say that you love them. It might be your last chance.




Hi my dear LJ.
Long time I have not added and updates anything in here, right?
Poor you. I've been busy and plus, I have nothing interesting to update.
Plus network sucked. And plus LJ failed on me.
See? So many reasons for me NOT to update.

As a compensation, I will bribe you with a bit of Kame-sama pics. How is that?
Sounds good?

Kame with people I loves. Bromances and brotherly loves.

Tsuyoshi Nishioka

Fukuyama Masaharu

And my fave - ♥ Kimura Takuya

(c) whoever posted on the net.

Last bribe My friend's kitten. Super cute!!!

Okay. Thats all for today.
Sekian. Time kasih.

Cute Receipt Stories

I found this cute Receipt Stories which directed from BookExcess page.

I don’t know why I looked up. But looked I did. That was when she caught my eye. She was on the floor, knees raised in a huddle, reading a novel. Maybe it was her total engrossment. Maybe it was…I really don’t know. All I know was that she intrigued me. A lot. The bookshelf she leaned against was labeled ‘Romance’ on one side and ‘Thriller’ on the other. I wondered which one.

I can’t describe her nor remember what she wore. I type this in hope when you pay for your blue-jacketed book, you’ll see this, mystery girl.


"Love is not about buying me stuffs and not being here with me!"
I hung up before he could say anything.

"What's love then?" I question myself.

I looked up across the road to see an old Chinese couple walking slowly, holding hands, sometimes slowing further to catch their breath and rest their knees. They were smiling to each other, clearly in love. Despite walking under the scorching hot sun, no pressure at all.

There. That's love. See that sincere smiles?

I knew then what I had to do. Search for my own glad, thankful smile.


source : http://www.receiptstories.my/

DBS 2011 posta

I am so impressed with my friend’s ninja-ing skills. Though she is not a Kame or KATTUN’s fan, she always found their news faster than me.
I need to learn that skill. But her advantage is she knows Japanese, spoken and writing.

Anyways, she told me about this poster this morning. I was and am kyaaing ever since.
I LOVE THE POSTER very much.
DBS 2011 has wonderful posters.
Kudos to whoever in charge.